About Us

A Taste of New meets Old 

The familiar semblance of home evokes a sense of nostalgia in us. Reminiscing a time when policemen donned shorts, what did we perceive haute cuisine (gourmet meals / delicacies) as? Seemingly it could be the abstract notion of a heartfelt meal we share amongst close companions. The synthesis of the simplest ingredients, imbued with culinary repertoire cascading through the generations and a tinge of guileless aspirations. These were the recipes for preparing delectable dishes in earnest to reward a hard day’s work. As times progressed, furtherance of urban development in the city has diluted traditions and discreetly altered the gustatory sensations we have become accustomed to. However, change is imperative for continued growth, but what remains unchanged is that food is a paramount necessity of the populace. As we make headway towards the future, there will always be a sense of familiarity lingering around the corner, to invigorate the palate and whet the appetite. This is our story, a taste of New meets Old. 

Palate of Memories
In the 1960s, Nanyang became a settlement for many Chinese immigrants seeking a livelihood in the region. Back in those days, Gim Tim mobile kitchen was famous for their Hokkien cuisine. Later on, they established a restaurant with additional Cantonese flavor imbued into their culinary repertoire. As time passes, many Chinese immigrants eventually called this little red dot their home. They continued to enjoy the traditional hometown dishes served up to them. 

During the rapid development of our country, the manifold cuisines from different countries spread across the island. Many of the traditional dishes were unwittingly neglected and slowly forgotten. The Hakka Yam Abacus Seed, Teochew Glutinous Rice Kueh, Hakka Meesua and other traditional dishes were once common on many Chinese families’ dining tables. To bring back these traditional Singaporean Chinese dishes, it requires the work with Old and New.

Deja Brew adheres to this ideology. Our menu is an impeccable fusion of old traditions with a modern twist, embracing the beauty of modernity without forgoing traditional taste and smell. Our delicacies cater to both young and old generations. This is the cuisine of Singaporean Chinese. This is a modern cuisine that connects us all.

家的味道,是我们的共同记忆。回忆当年,当警察还是穿短裤的时候,美食的定义又是什么?或许,是亲朋好友相聚时餐桌上温暖的佳肴。简单的食材,家传的手艺,单纯的目的,为的只是准备一餐用心烹调的佳肴慰劳一天的辛劳。时过境迁,都市发展的洪流稀释了传统也悄悄的化改变了熟悉的味道。然而改变是进步的基础,而不变的是,民以食为天。 当我们逐步迈向未来的同时,总会有份似曾相识的感觉总会在转角处给味蕾一丝温暖和惊喜。这是我们的故事,我们的共同回忆。

上个世纪六十年代,南洋成为各大籍贯落脚的地方。华裔先贤们漂洋过海南来谋生,也悄悄地把自家的手艺和饮食喜好带来了这里。锦珍流动厨房当年以闽菜闻名狮城,随后开设酒家更融入粤菜等各式地方佳肴。 逢年过节吃酒宴客时多以家乡特色菜招待来宾,南居北望一解思乡之情。时过境迁,我们在此落地生了根,如今,这里就是家。


我们的菜单均已将传统与时尚完美结合,靓丽时尚的同时不失传统内涵。既迎合了这一代人对饮食的要求, 也配合上一代人对传统滋味的坚持。而分享与传承,是我们不变的使命和愿景。除了用餐宴客,这个聚点也将特设系列活动,广邀大众与我们分享自己的家传菜或传统手艺,携 手让中华文化在小红点源远流长地迈向新的里程碑。《似曾相识》就是秉承这样的理念,让家传手艺与美味得以延续。这是属于狮城的乡食,属于你和我的家乡美食